Importance of reconciliation between book values and actual values.

With the passage of time, it is normal to realise ever-greater differences between accounting records of tangible fixed assets and physical reality.

Reconciliations are focused on solving the physical accounting deviation that our customers can have regarding their balance-sheet. We avoid this through the correlation analysis that we carry out on the information that they provide and the physical inventory of fixed assets is done by our technicians.

The service we offer is exclusive and customized for each company and provides an added value for our customers to know the real physical reference of their tangible fixed assets with respect to their current accounts for further rationalization

In addition, we offer our clients the possibility to transfer to a powerful software Application for Control and Managing of Assets, the information related to the reconciliation as well as a subsequent follow-up.

We develop and implement a system of  management and control of such assets with the following advantages:

  • Quick and easy identification of assets between accounting and factory facilities.
  • To be able to amortize the product line or section established by the client.
  • Encodings the elements by location, cost center, functional groups, etc..
  • Analytical accounting.

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