inventariosOur company specialises in conducting any kind of physical inventories as regards fixed material, backed by the extensive experience we have gained in the hundreds of inventories that we have conducted in various areas related to private companies, industries, public bodies, universities, etc...

Inventories in which we intervene are based on the following principles:

  • Identification and technical description of the assets.
  • Labelling each of the elements by means of an identifying tag bearing the corresponding inventory number and bar code.
  • Study-determination of the value of all inventoried assets.
  • Analysis of reconciliation with the accounting records for all inventoried tangible fixed assets.
  • Classification and coding of each inventoried asset according to the accounting plan, the geographical location, the functional group and the cost centre.
  • Creation of computerised records for each inventoried fixed asset, using our asset monitoring computer application.
  • Installation of the programme and training how to use it.

arcalaudisArcaLaudis is a global network of valuers and loss assessors, with headoffice in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

RICSOur firm's professionals and International Group are registered members of RICS