We have developed our own software which we constantly upgrade and update. Our software has a high compatibility to interface with the existing management systems, enabling us to implant customized software and thus facilitate the maintenance and updating of our work.

When developing computer system it is also essential to ensure that it meets the management needs, that it suits the needs of the company, not vice versa, and that it is extremely ease to apply and work

It is frequent to find programmes that meet the needs in terms of management but they are very costly, complicated to operate, designed to be used by experts or extensively trained staff, without taking into account that more and more people without a special preparation must consult the systems.

Intervalor Consulting Group is aware of the current management needs to control the fixed assets and therefore has offered together with its services of inventories and valuations, computer applications for its clients since 1990. Our clients obtain the following:

  • Management extend.
  • Ease application.

The application offers the possibility to carry out the automatic maintenance of the outputs, location changes in the inventory, etc. that could occur in the future, by means of a portable terminal reader of bar code that we can provide at the end of our intervention.


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