Intervalor Consulting Group offers the possibility of transferring all the information related to your company’s assets to a powerful Asset Management and Control computer application for subsequent monitoring.

We have our own software that is constantly evolving, with wide compatibility through the interface with current management systems, which allows us to implement customized computer programs, thus facilitating the maintenance and updating of our work.

Intervalor Consulting Group, aware of the management needs of current fixed assets, has been offering, in parallel to its inventory and valuation services, computer applications for its clients


This application allows comprehensive asset management from a physical, fiscal, civil, managerial, technical and IAS point of view. It is fully customizable for each client’s need. It is possible to manage one or more companies grouped by business groups with the possibility of consolidated relationships.

  • Single control panel
  • Dynamic data visualization
  • Group level profiles and individual users
  • Complete control of managed information
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Compatible with multi-currency management
  • Available in Cloud Computing


This software allows the comprehensive management of inventories carried out by readers and mobile devices of labels with barcodes, QR codes, etc …

It has a Warehouse Inventory Module, available to manage and control all movements.

The application is integrated with highly readable, robust, secure and easy-to-use BarCode readers for new inventories, replenishments, deletions, reconciliations, etc. Also available in several languages. Available in Cloud Computig.

The ICG Inventory -Mobile App is an extension of the previous PC application with which it integrates to centralize data from multiple devices and allows data to be reported, imported and exported. The backup and restore functions allow you to save, reload and synchronize data between different devices.


ICG is a global and diversified company in terms of the services it provides: valuation, consulting and comprehensive asset management, as well as services related to the insurance and business value sector (trademarks, patents, utility models, etc. ). Contact us and our advisors will be happy to assist you.


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Intervalor Consulting Group, aware of the current asset management needs, has been developing, in parallel with its inventory and valuation services, computer applications for its clients, offering through them, management breadth and ease of use.

This software has been developed with the vital importance of the system providing the desired results. The indexing system that is used allows a very complete selection of elements when consulting, listing and operating, reaching the desired level of breakdown; works with a double file of values ​​that allows to independently manage the Real Values ​​of the Accounting Values; allows the visualization on screen and printing on paper of the real estate elements, with all the data and each of the previously digitized associated documents; allows its link with multiple systems through an interface that avoids duplication of registration.

GIS (Asset Geopositioning)

The Geographic Information System is an integration of hardware, software and geographic data designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze and display geographically referenced information in all its forms in order to solve complex planning and planning problems. management.

The GIS works as a database with geographic information (alphanumeric data) that is associated by a common identifier to the graphic objects of a digital map. In this way, by pointing to an object, its attributes are known and, conversely, by asking for a record in the database, its location in the cartography can be found.

Based on the information contained in the company’s corporate database, and once the physical accounting reconciliation has been carried out, these data will be edited for inclusion in the GIS system, by incorporating one or more fields with georeferencing, for each asset. .


Responsible: Intervalor, being the Purpose; the collection of information that the client requests. The Legitimation; it is thanks to your consent. Recipients: Your information will be stored in our databases, and will be treated and examined only by those responsible for Intervalor Consulting Group. You can exercise Your Rights of Access, Rectification, Limitation or Delete your data at intervalor@intervalor.es For more information see our privacy policy