Intervalor Consulting Group, S.A. (ICG) leading company in consulting, valuation and comprehensive asset management whose objective is to provide consulting services to those companies / people who need advice, analysis and / or valuation of their tangible or intangible movable or immovable property, as well as rights that are capable of having an economic value, covering all sectors of both industrial and service activity.

Intervalor Consulting Group, S.L. It has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Andorra, covering the entire national territory. Forming part of the ArcaLaudis International group, the largest international consulting network in the valuation area with a presence in 20 countries, thus ensuring the company’s response capacity to international projects.

ICG was born with clear objectives when it comes to serving our clients. The services we offer are aimed at small, medium and large companies, both public and private. It has technical credibility as it has advised the executives of the most important private companies and public organizations in the country in decision-making.

We are characterized by the technical capacity of our professionals, seriousness, commitment and confidentiality of our projects. We have no interests with any type of companies or financial entities that could compromise our independence.


Intervalor Consulting Group, S.A. as a leading reference company in the world of business consulting, valuation and comprehensive asset management. We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals, backed by more than 30 years of experience, independent, committed and exceptionally prepared to face all types of projects, both national and international, of small, medium or large companies, always with seriousness, confidentiality and commitment that characterizes us.


ICG is a global and diversified company in terms of the services it provides: valuation, consulting and comprehensive asset management, as well as services related to the insurance and business value sector (trademarks, patents, utility models, etc. ). Contact us and our advisors will be happy to assist you.


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